Paws for a Cause


Buddy Bites co-founder (Chris) adopted two pups from Sai Kung shelter Catherine’s Puppies, so from the word go, giving back to shelters in Hong Kong was always at the core of the business. After discussing a number of ways to structure this, we landed on the model of donating 1kg of Buddy Bites, for every 2kg that was delivered to customers, as we had seen first-hand the cost and hassle that shelters can encounter through the stress of ensuring they have enough food each month. Since then, the response from customers has been overwhelming, and the mission of feeding all dog shelters in Hong Kong is becoming more feasible by the day.



我們非常讚賞Catherine, Jane和其他團隊成員所付出的努力。他們確保每一隻被遺棄或流浪的幼犬都能在他們的幫助下恢復健康,而且會在離家近的地方給牠們找到一個永久的住處。從個人經驗來看,我們知道Catherine和她的團隊不僅能保證狗狗的安全和健康,而且還能讓牠們得到關愛和照顧,從而使牠們很容易融入新的家庭。



在成立Buddy Bites的時候,我們希望能找到一種回饋社會的方式,而Catherine's Puppies顯然是我們的出發點。作為一個慈善機構,他們依靠捐款來支付獸醫賬單、庇護所的維護以及餵養50多只飢餓的幼犬和成年犬所需的狗糧等費用。

所以,我們做出如此承諾,我們每賣出2公斤的狗糧,就會捐出1公斤狗糧給Catherine's Puppies。在你的幫助下,我們將不懈努力,令Buddy Bites能夠為香港所有受保護的狗狗提供免費食物。