Christmas Gift Box (Subscribers Only)


Is your dog on the naught list.... didn't think so. You best sort them a gift in that case, and we are here to help.

Buddy Bites Christmas Gift Box comes with:

  • Limited edition Christmas toys
  • Cosy fleece blanket
  • Training treats
  • Dental sticks
  • Poo bag holder

Merry Christmas from all of us at Buddy Bites...

It's still November, that's too early isn't it?


正常價格 $100


Dr. Tiffany Harries

  • 獸醫醫療科學(榮譽)學士
  • 獸醫學士
  • 獸醫外科學士
  • 超過10年小動物診治經驗
  • 於香港獸醫管理局註冊

Dr. Maiyanne Ben-David

  • 獸醫生物學士
  • 獸醫學士獸醫生物學士
  • 獸醫學士
  • 超過10年小動物診治經驗
  • 曾於南非工作四年,在港七年
  • 於香港獸醫管理局註冊