Frequently Asked

How does it work?

How does Buddy Bites work?

Let us know how much of our vet tailored kibble your Buddy needs each month, and we will deliver to your door when you need it. On top of this, for every 2Kg your order through Buddy Bites, we will gift 1Kg to a Hong Kong dog shelter!

1) Pick your food option

2) Select the amount you need

3) Let us know when and where to deliver

4) Receive over and over again.

Buddy Bites 狗糧是否得到相關認證?

Buddy Bites 合作的歐洲供應商受美國飼料管理協會認可及歐洲寵物食品工業聯合會管制。此外,我們於本港亦進行實驗室測試,以確保食用安全。

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Buddy Bites 致力令包裝物料更環保。我們和 Sustainabl 的合作確保了包裝盒可循環再用及可堆肥。我們的撿便袋又可堆肥的玉米粉製成,包裝由可循環物料製造。我們會一直良,以達致更可持續發展和環保。

Can I increase/decrease my next delivery?

下單錯了怎麼辦?沒關係!按網站右上角的「客戶登入」就可輕鬆更改訂單。如果你有任何問題,請與Buddy Bites 團隊聯絡,我們樂意提供協助!


When does Buddy Bites deliver?


Where does Buddy Bites deliver to?


Is there a delivery charge?


Is there a cut-off date before my next order?

There is no cut off. Delivery will take 2-3 working days. However, when you subscribe to an ongoing plan, you only have to order once, and your food will be delivered when you need it, without you lifting a finger.

What is the best way to contact Buddy Bites?

For more information or enquiries, please email us at 

My Account & Subscriptions

How long do I have to subscribe for?

There is no set length. You can cancel at any time after your first order. 

How do I pause my order or subscription?

Pausing your subscription could not be easier. Simply log on and click the pause button. This will put your subscription on hold until you click to resume.

Can I pause my subscription because I will be on holiday?

Absolutely, you can pause your subscription for whatever reason you would like. Simply log on, press pause, and we will refrain from delivery until you tell us otherwise.