Giving Back

Buddy Bites co-founder (Chris) adopted two pups from Sai Kung shelter Catherine’s Puppies, so from the word go, giving back to shelters in Hong Kong was always at the core of the business. After discussing a number of ways to structure this, we landed on the model of donating 1kg of Buddy Bites, for every 2kg that was delivered to customers, as we had seen first-hand the cost and hassle that shelters can encounter through the stress of ensuring they have enough food each month. Since then, the response from customers has been overwhelming, and the mission of feeding all dog shelters in Hong Kong is becoming more feasible by the day.


About the Shelter

We have a huge amount of admiration for the work that Catherine, Jane and the rest of the team put in. They make sure every abandoned or stray pup that comes their way is not only nursed back to full health but given as close to a home as possible, whilst finding them a permanent place to live. From personal experience, we know that Catherine and her team not only keep their dogs safe and well but also keep them loved and cared for, which results in an easy integration into their new families.


Giving Back

When setting up Buddy Bites, we wanted to make sure we found a way to give back to the community and Catherine’s Puppies was the obvious place to start. As a charity, they rely on donations to cover costs of vet bills, upkeep of the shelter as well as the dog food required to feed 50+ hungry pups and adult dogs!

So, our pledge is that for every 2kgs of food we sell, we will be giving 1kg to Catherine’s Puppies. With your help, we will be working tirelessly to get to a point where Buddy Bites is able to provide free food for all sheltered dogs in Hong Kong!