Buddy Bites Summer Intern!!

September 5, 2021 | 1-MIN READ

Buddy Bites Summer Intern!!

Buddy Bites had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Miffy (more widely known as Miu Miu's pawrent) to the team for 8 weeks over summer. She has kindly written below a short recap of her time at our dog food subscription business. Christmas internship offer is already in Miffy and Miu Miu's inbox!

My experience interning at Buddy Bites falls no short of amazing. I’ve always loved Buddy Bites as a brand as my dogs transitioned to their food. Being a company whose values also align with mine, it was a pleasure to come by them in the first place. The learning opportunity I gained from the internship is truly unreplicable anywhere else.

Chris, Ryan and Vera were all so welcoming and helpful at the beginning. It took some getting used to, but with their help it made it a lot easier adjusting to a new environment. They are always really patient with me and always there to help! Being only 16, I didn’t have a lot of experience in the field and knew little to nothing about it. But the team was really happy to allow me to explore my hobbies and passions within the company. Not only that, but I was also able to learn a lot during my time. I learnt my way around customer service, product manufacturing and a little bit of the finance aspect. Even though I was hesitant at first, I found many aspects that I didn't think I would enjoy to be something I am passionate about. 

Miumiu and Buddy Bites

The team gave me quite a lot of freedom within the company which is something I don't think would be possible at many other businesses. They encouraged me to be opinionated and I was able to share a lot of my ideas and thoughts. Learning about product development, I was able to brainstorm a product from scratch and go through both the designing and manufacturing process. Learning a lot about what goes into these things, I’ve really gained a newfound appreciation for startups like Buddy Bites. 

(below was designed and sourced by Miffy) 

Buddy Bites leash and poo bag holder

Also, I got to be part of events which was quite some work but nonetheless a great time. My experience also helped improve my cantonese, if I may say so myself. Additionally, I've learnt how to be a lot more independent on a personal standpoint.

It has been a blast working with the Buddy Bites team this summer. It is such a shame I couldn't stay on for longer but I've truly enjoyed my time. This has been one great summer despite the Covid situation and I'm looking forward to seeing Buddy Bites continue to grow. Paws crossed I'll be able to come back to the team some time in the future.