Buddy Bites Donation Day- One Year On.

September 24, 2021 | 0-MIN READ

Buddy Bites Donation Day- One Year On.

Another month has flown by, and it was our pleasure to be able to drop off your donations again. This time, exactly a year on from our first delivery, a grand total of 1,450kg was donated between Catherine's Puppies and Hong Kong Dog Rescue thanks to all you kind Buddy Biters! 

Catherine's Puppies Donation

Since the very first day of Buddy Bites, we have been blown away by just how kind the Hong Kong dog community is. The support for the shelters, as well as for Buddy Bites, has been overwhelming and we are incredibly proud to offer our amazing customers a fun new way to give back.

All these posts are here for is to say thank you for using Buddy Bites. It does a huge amount of good to shelters, and enables us to do what we love!

We strive to continue to provide high quality food to as much of Hong Kong as we can, and feed more shelters in the process. 

All the best, 

Your Buddy Bites Team