Happy CNY From Buddy Bites

January 30, 2022 | 1-MIN READ

Happy CNY From Buddy Bites

It’s that time of year, and it’s time to make sure your dog is dressed well, follows appawpriate etiquette, and brings good luck! Don’t start this new year off on the wrong paw!

Dress to Express 

What better way to get into the Chinese New Year spirit than giving your dog a bit of CNY bling? CNY-themed doggy collars, leashes, bandanas, and more are all available for your pups choosing, just make sure whatever fashion piece you choose includes the colours of red, green, and yellow to bring you good luck this new year! Go check out https://www.woofpackstyle.com/lunar-new-year for some CNY bandanas and more!

 Rescue Dogs CNY

Clean Yo’self

Why not start the Year of the Tiger ooff n a *squeaky* clean slate. This time is purrfect occasion to clear out the old and bring in the new. Clean and rid your house and your dog’s bed or cage of any old or broken items (donate to a shelter near you if pawsible). Damaged chew toys, old blankets, or dirty tennis balls should be replaced- so time to take your doge on a shopping spree as a Chinese New Year gift! Also sweep up all that dog hair and lay new pee pads down if necessary, but just be careful not to sweep away all your good luck!

It’s important to avoid washing your hair or getting a haircut, so make sure to postpone your doggos hairdressing appointment till after Chinese New Year, otherwise, you’ll wash away good fortune! 


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Buddy Bites custom Lai See Packets 

We at Buddy Bites are offering limited edition custom Lai See Packets to celebrate the year of the tiger! We will be at The Mills next week handing them out! Keep an eye out for the Buddy Bites Tricycle!

Buddy Bites Lai See Packet


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