Dog Shelter Donation Update- Shelter number two coming soon!

March 28, 2021 | 1-MIN READ

Dog Shelter Donation Update- Shelter number two coming soon!


Hey there Buddy Biters!! This post is more of a thank you than anything else. Over the last six months, thanks to you, we have had an enormous amount of fun building a brand and community that we hope you enjoy being a part of. More importantly, we have been able to do some good along the way!

As of February, we are now covering all of Catherine’s Puppies food needs, FOR FREE! That is 500kg of donated food every month all thanks to you - or more specifically, your hungry pups! To put this in perspective, this would free up enough monthly for another member of staff at the shelter, although the unfortunate truth is that this extra money will go toward never-ending vet bills.

What’s more, over the last two months we have had some surplus donations that we have given to Love Fluffy Home, a relatively new shelter doing a fantastic job of finding forever homes for pups in need, go check them out!


What’s next I hear you bark! Well, watch this space. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with Buddy Bites. We have two vets who have joined our team as our official advisors, whose first input was assisting in the formulation of a lamb recipe that we will be adding shortly. Alongside this, we will be launching our second shelter partner in April. This is of course what we are most excited about! Details to follow!

We genuinely can’t thank you all enough for enabling this idea to grow so quickly into a dog food delivery company that we can be proud of and can’t wait to see what lies ahead! WOOF!

Nacho & Nala