Month One Donations- 50% of Catherine's Puppies Covered

October 19, 2020 | 2-MIN READ

Month One Donations- 50% of Catherine's Puppies Covered

“Our Shelter Buddies”

We are sure that if you have looked at our website, Facebook or Instagram…. or spoken with us in person for more than a minute……you’ll know all about our connection to Catherine’s Puppies! But, we wanted to talk about WHY giving back to the HK dog shelters, particularly Catherine’s Puppies, is at the heart of the Buddy Bites business.

One of the Buddy Bites founders has adopted two HK rescue dogs, Nacho & Nala, from Catherine’s Puppies. Luckily for these two, there was

no tragic background of abuse or injury (unlike many that Catherine and the other HK shelters take in) but they, like so many, had been abandoned by a roadside in Sai Kung and had nowhere else to go. They were scooped up, taken in, given a good clean and taken to the vets to make sure all was well before being booked in for all the necessary jabs, vaccines and de-sexing. Once all the medical side is taken care of, the efforts shift to finding a home for the pups, normally through Facebook posts – the cuter the puppy, the quicker the process!!

Putting aside the selfless nature of all of the above for a second, consider the costs of this process. Especially when these puppies are often found in litters of five or 6 and many will require further care, depending on the condition they are found in. Some are not adopted straight away and the sad fact is that the older the shelter dogs get, the less likely they are to be taken to a forever home.

All of this is to be covered by the funds the shelter has available, which is entirely dependent on the generosity of donors, which understandably can fluctuate quite considerably month to month. Put simply, without help these shelters wouldn’t be able to operate and it is because of this that we wanted to find a way to give back. But, rather than it just be Buddy Bites donating as a business, we wanted our customers to be part of this so that every time your food arrives at your door,

you know you have helped in some way to make the above possible.

For every 2kgs of Buddy Bites we sell, 1kg goes to the shelter. When we launched in mid-August, we felt that with this 2:1 approach, we could be covering all of Catherine’s Puppies’ food by February 2021…. how wrong we could be!! After our first full month of business, we totaled up the donations and delivered to the shelter – already at half the target amount they need on a monthly basis!! Unsurprisingly, it took up most of the stairs leading into the shelter!!

 We have been overwhelmed with the support in the HK community, not just for Buddy Bites, but the help that it represents to the shelter teams and the incredible work they do. What a Christmas it would be if we could be covering the full amount by then!!

Thank you from all of us at Buddy Bites for the support so far and please help spread the word to help us get to the full amount needed before Christmas!!