From the vets: What to look for in your dogs food!

May 9, 2022 | 3-MIN READ

From the vets: What to look for in your dogs food!

Over time there has been a shift in how pet owners view their pets.  Pets are now seen and treated as fully fledged members of the family, long gone are the days that dogs were kept outside and fed table scraps for dinner!  With that in mind, more and more dog owners are looking to feed their pets well-balanced nutritious dog food.  With many dog food brands on the market it can be difficult to know which one is best suited for your pooch (and that won't break the bank at the same time!)

When it comes to doggy diets it is important to feed your pet a balanced dog food.  Dogs are omnivorous and require a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water to maintain normal bodily functions.  A bit of science….

Proteins are the building blocks to millions of cells in your dog's body, including hair, skin, muscle and vital organs.  Proteins are critical for hormone and antibody production as well as generalised growth and repair.  Protein is especially important for young, growing and pregnant animals and is often listed as one of the first ingredients on a dog food label.


Boxer dog eating Buddy Bites Lamb

Fats provide your dog with energy and help with vital

brain development and function. Fats also keep the skin and coat shiny and healthy.

Carbohydrates are a source of fibre which is essential to the maintenance of healthy bacteria in the gut that make up the microbiome. 

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for muscle contraction, nerve conduction, and play a role in the immune system and disease prevention.

When considering what to feed your dog we need to consider their breed, age and lifestyle. The aim when choosing a food is to find a food that... 

  1. Your dog will actually eat – palatability is really  important!
  2. Is best suited for the breed, age and activity level of your dog.  For example, for puppies, different breeds of dogs will reach adulthood at differing times and therefore have different nutritional requirements
  3. Is a ‘complete diet’, in that no extras are needed to meet the nutrient requirements of your dog - always check the dog food bag for this wording. On occasion pet owners buy dog food thinking it is a complete diet when it is in fact a complementary diet!
  4. Meets guidelines; there are two main nutritional guidelines that are followed in the pet food industry: FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). These detail the nutritional needs of dogs at varying life stages and are peer reviewed by independent veterinary nutrition experts throughout Europe and America. In Hong Kong there is no dedicated legislation regulating the safety of pet food so finding a diet that complies with one of these guidelines is recommended.
  5. Has quality control measures in place.  It's important to make sure a dog food company does its due diligence when it comes to testing and safety protocols.
  6. Is calorie dense enough for a reasonable amount of the food to be eaten to meet the dog’s nutritional needs and digestible enough so that the stools of the pet are well formed.
  7. Is affordable!  Finding the right diet that you can continue feeding your dog long term needs to be manageable for you, the owner!

Shiba eating Buddy Bites Lamb

We have worked closely with Buddy Bites to make sure that their diets meet all of the above.  The diets are not only delicious, but are a complete diet packed full of nutrients to keep your pets happy and healthy!  We have quality control measures in place and frequently test the food to make sure the highest standards are met.  The food is made and packaged in Europe and meets AAFCO standards.   

Let’s look at the Buddy Bites range in a little more detail…

Buddy Bites Puppy diet meets the nutritional requirements for growing pups, including large breed dogs. It is highly palatable and great for fussy eaters!  Dr Maiyanne’s puppy, Nelly, has thrived on Buddy Bites Puppy food and with its combination of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help to support healthy immune and digestive systems! 

Buddy Bites Duck Meal for adult dogs is a great choice for pets with allergies.  Duck protein is considered a novel protein and so is a good option for these pets.  Many dogs suffer with sensitive stomachs too and so we have tailored this diet to support a healthy digestive system- no more sloppy poops!

Buddy Bites Lamb Meal for adult dogs was formulated to not only be packed full of omega 3 &6 to provide a healthy and shiny coat but our larger kibble size has the added bonus of being good for their teeth and gums! 

We are very excited and eagerly anticipating the release of Buddy Bites Sweet Potato & Salmon diet!  We have created a diet that we would want to eat; it’s a single protein source, absolutely delicious (ask Nelly) and has lots of Omega 3 fatty acids to help your pet’s skin and coat, as well as being packed with prebiotics to help with healthy digestion!

Remember though to chat to your veterinarian about options that best suit your pet, as the diet selected can have a lifelong impact on your dog! 


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