4 basic commands every puppy should know.

January 26, 2023 | 2-MIN READ

4 basic commands every puppy should know.

Got a new pup and not sure where to begin? You don’t have to feel pressured by what you see online where you see people teaching their dogs all sorts of fancy tricks. Some dog commands however are important to start with that are good for your dog’s safety and well-being. Not only that, it also reinforces your place as pack leader by giving them commands to follow.

Dog training creates mental stimulation and encourages discipline and obedience for a more well-behaved dog. It is also a way to strengthen your relationship with your pup to create a deeper bond. Puppies can begin simple training as early as when they turn 8 weeks old. Always keep your training sessions short so as not to overwhelm them and use small treats to reward them such as our Buddy Bites Training treats that are easy to use and loved by dogs! Make sure you always give your puppy plenty of praise to encourage them on their success. Stop if you dog starts getting bored or frustrated because that will just be counterproductive to learning.


A sitting dog is often waiting patiently for your next command or move. It can prevent your dog from jumping on you, your guests, or the nice neighbour who lives right next door. You might even be cooking in the kitchen and do not want to be tripping over your excited pup by accident.


Even though a dog sitting is supposed to stay, adding on the command “Stay” will reinforce the command and make it clearer for the dog. Think about waiting to cross the traffic light while your dog is excitedly pulling on the leash and breaks free from their leash. Stay will teach your dog self-control and to get their minds focused on the command instead of the surrounding distractions. This command is even good for when your front door is left wide open for you to run in and out so that your pup is safely inside or outside without you having to worry.

Lie Down/Down

Once your dog has mastered the command to sit, you may proceed to teach them the “Down” command. It is a comfortable position for dogs to adopt as it is a natural sleeping position and one they can hold for long periods of time. It even encourages your puppy to keep calm and relaxed when given the command.


It is vital that your dog knows when you expect them to come back to you. They need to respect and respond to the command immediately, not whenever they feel like it. This can be useful for bringing your dogs on a walk without a leash or whenever there is a dog fight going on nearby and you want to keep your dog away from the situation. A good way to train this is to reward them with a high value treat whenever they come back to you. It lets them be aware that you are in charge at all times.