9 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Hong Kong

February 27, 2022 | 4-MIN READ

9 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Hong Kong
Dog-Friendly Beaches

Hong Kong is known to have the best of both worlds — and island with teaming city life that is framed by beautiful hills for hiking, and plenty of beaches. But, not all of them are dog-friendly. We uncover why and our top tips for beaches in and around Hong Kong, including the Southside, Sai Kung, and outlying islands.

Dogs are not allowed on gazetted beaches that are monitored by lifeguards and are managed by the Hong Kong LCSD (Leisure and Culture Services Department.) Not all of these gazetted beaches have facilities, but oftentimes they do, so they’re easy to spot. Dogs over 20kg are to be leashed by Hong Kong law, but that doesn’t mean that smaller dogs are allowed onto gazetted beaches either, whether they are off-leash or not. 

Go for a day trip or wander round to the other side of the islands to explore some great beaches you can take your doggo and friends to for a game of frisbee and a lap in the waters.

One of the closest beaches you can take your dog to from Hong Kong island is located on the Southside.

Hair Pin Beach Hong Kong

Hairpin Beach

This pebbly beach is smaller but close to Stanley’s Main Beach. It is gazetted and it also has facilities, including showers and toilets, but the lifeguard services are suspended there. Because the beach is not currently being monitored, you do need to be careful of the stronger currents there. You can check the LCSD website for updates on the lifeguard services before you head out. Otherwise, this is a great place for dog zoomies and to play catch.

Shek O Back Beach AKA Rocky Bay

Shek O Back Beach

AKA Rocky Bay and located five-minutes walk away from the main Shek O Beach, Shek O Back beach is a destination a little further out, but conveniently located after a hike on Dragon’s Back. The beach is hidden behind an old bus terminus and there is Ben’s Bar nearby. Plenty of people take their dogs here despite a few ‘no dog’ signs.

Lower Cheung Sha Beach Lantau Hong Kong

Cheung Sha Beach

Located on the South of Lantau, Cheung Sha Beach is a treat for those who enjoy a good sunset on Hong Kong’s longest beach. It is 3km and split into lower and upper sections. Lower Cheung Sha beach is more commercial with convenient restaurants, cafes and just a few shops dotted along it. Upper Cheung Sha Beach is much quieter and both are home to local cattle. Don’t worry, they’re used to having the island’s neighbourhood dogs around!

Power Station Beach Lamma Island Hong Kong

Power Station Beach

Located on laid-back Lamma, Power Station Beach can be easily accessed from the ferry pier. It has a nearby industrial landscape that you think would be a major eyesore, but actually is hardly noticeable when you are enjoying the sun and sand with your free-roaming pooch. 

Sha Ha Beach

Sha Ha Beach

Part of the New Territories, Sai Kung is an escape for many looking for a more community vibe. Sha Ha Beach is just a stone’s throw away from Sai Kung town and can be reached within a 10-minute walk by simply following the shoreline. It is popular for enjoying some water sports and to go swimming with your dog. 

Kiu Tsui Beach

Kiu Tsui Beach

This beach has two piers that you can walk along with your dog and sit off the edge of and dangle your feet into. Or you can wade into some of the clearest waters in Hong Kong. There are not many big waves here.

Tung Lung Chau Beach

Tung Lung Chau 

Owing to its unspoiled landscape, Tung Lung Chau is popular with hikers. There is a north pier with two quiet beaches flanking it where you can bring your dogs. The beach is located near the coast of the Clearwater Bay Peninsula.

Ham Tin Wan Beach

Ham Tin Wan 

Fancy a solid meal while you’re bathing in the sun and running through the waters with your dog? Ham Tin Wan has two restaurants on-site to help fuel your energy. Do stock up before you depart via speedboat. You can grab amenities and fill up a cooler in Sai Kung town. Make sure you have enough hands to carry everything as the waves can get rough. A heads up for those who get seasick and to hold on to your pups who might not yet be used to the boat or are not born water babies yet.

Long Ke Wan Beach

Long Ke Wan

It is a bit of a mission to get to, but boasts one of the most stunning views due to its location next to a UNESCO Global Geopark. Long Ke is a bay in the Sai Kung East Country Park and is accessible via hiking. This is a great option for active goers and dogs with an abundance of energy. Go for a trek and cool off in the water — just make sure you don’t hike at noon in the peak of summer when it is the hottest and too hot for your best companion.

Tap Mun Beach

Tap Mun Beach

Located on Grass Island and big for campers, Tap Mun beach is peacefully isolated at the northeastern corner of the Sai Kung Peninsula. So if you’re planning a day and a night out with your pooch, this could be the beach for you. Just remember to bring mosquito spray with you during the hotter months, so you don’t get bitten by midges.