9 Types of Dog Gifts Worth Giving Beyond the Holiday Season

January 16, 2022 | 5-MIN READ

9 Types of Dog Gifts Worth Giving Beyond the Holiday Season

By Kopal Manglik

Animal lover and freelance writer, Kopal started the Facebook and Instagram page, @adoptdontshop.hk as a way of collating information about rescues available for adoption from all the shelters across Hong Kong, and has helped dozens of potential adopters find their paw-fect match! As a foster mama herself, Kopal has helped foster and successfully home 10 pups over the last year, and started the Hong Kong Foster Pawrents group to help others learn about fostering. When not involved in animal advocacy, Kopal is an avid reader and coffee lover, and you can find her looking for sunny spot to work in. 

Christmas isn’t the only time for gifting. Here are some ideas to spoil your dog —

We all have a special dog in our lives. Whether it’s your pup, a friend's dog or your favourite pooch at the local rescue you have to celebrate their big day - birthdays or gotcha days (the day they were adopted) are fun not just for humans but also for your pets! They bring you joy throughout the year, so why not get them something extraordinary to thank them for being, truly, the most important part of your lives!  So here is a list of our favourite gifts for the pups in our lives. 

Brooklyn Dog Bed

Bed: Your dog will love nothing more than a brand new sleeping spot this year. It might even convince them to get off your bed! Everyone has been raving about the Brooklyn® Deep Sleep Pet Bed, and we are just joining the hype. It is easy to clean, perfect for all weathers, including Hong Kong’s humidity and is just the cosiest, comfiest spot for your furry friend. To add a little spunk in your dog’s bedtime routine, we also love the P.L.A.Y.'s Pet Teepee – a fun, cosy space for them to call their own. It is also easily dismantlable and is washer and dryer safe. And with a ton of different designs and colours, you’ll find one that fits perfectly into your home. 

Gifts Less Ordinary Wood Dog Bowl

Bowls: Another great gift, especially for your friend’s dog, is a personalized dog bowl. What better way to upgrade their daily eating ritual, which is of course, one of the best parts of the day! This eco-friendly wooden food bowl from Gifts Less Ordinary is absolutely adorable, and can be personalized to include the pooches’ name. Another great option is to check out Etsy, they have tons of small businesses that do absolutely amazing custom dog bowls. We love the Marble Bowls and the Bamboo Bowl Set in particular. 

Volpe Licking Activity Toy

Slow feeders:  On the same theme, you can also spruce up your dog’s mealtime by adding a little bit of fun. Slow feeders are great not just for the pups that love to wolf down their food, it also promotes better digestion and is a great distraction during stressful times (like the holidays). And most importantly, it’s fun!  The super attractive Volpe Activity Toy can be used raw, wet, dry or liquid dog food, or with yogurt and purees and of course, peanut butter! You can also find famous US Brands such as Lickimats or Snuffle Mats on UBuy or Amazon. They are sure to add some fun in your dog’s mealtime. 

Pinyin Dumpling Dog Jacket

Outfits: We know how much Hong Konger’s love to take cute photos with their dogs all dressed up. So we had to include all the paraphernalia that will help you get the picture-perfect Instagram photo! The darling little bows and bandanas from WoofPackStyle will be the best addition for the fussy dogs who don’t like too much. The little dumpling dog jacket from Pinyin Press will also add that dash of fun while keeping your pooch warm. And our final favourite, the Christmassy bibs from Momoji, in particular the Anita, would transform a holiday photo! 

Hikers & Hounds Bubble Tea Harness

Harness/ Leash: Another important dog accessory is of course, their harness and leashes. You can add a bit of quirk and adventure to your dog’s wardrobe with the Bubble Tea Harness from Hikers and Hounds. They are adjustable harnesses and made from super soft material for maximum comfort, perfect for your pups daily walks in all weather conditions. For collars, leashes and more, check out Canophilia, another Hong Kong based brand that does custom and personalized name tags with their products. Their new ALL HEARTS Macrame and Leather Adjustable Collar and APRICUS Paracord Multipurpose Leash with Leather Trim are both super cute and super usable. 

Woofpack Personalised Woof Bone

Toys: This list would not be complete without a mention of toys! The perfect present, with plush party toys is the Party Time Collection, which includes balloon, cake and even crown shaped toys. You can also get a Personalised Dog Squeaky Toy, which you really can’t go wrong with! A fun toy, which has multiple components and is mentally stimulating, is the ZippyPaws Burrow, the hedgehog den. And of course, you can never go wrong with a rope toy, such as the Flossy Chews Tug Toy. Great for fetch and tug of war, these are loved by dogs and owners alike. 

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

DNA Tests:  This one might be more for the owner than the dog themselves, but if you have one of the Hong Kong Tong Gaus, you might be a bit curious about their history. There has been a huge interest in guessing the breeds that are present in your dog, and now you can remove the guesswork with DNA tests. Though not widely available in Hong Kong, you can check out Wisdom Panel or Embark to discover your pup’s breed and genetic history. It can also be super helpful for health checks! 

Buddy Bites Training Treats

Treats: And of course, nothing would make your pooch happier than receiving treats, especially if they are the Buddy Bites Training Treats. They are poultry-rich, bone-shaped and absolutely delicious! Vet approved, they also have added vitamins and minerals such as omega 3 & 6, and have no added sugar, so your pup can have more than one! Dogs of all ages will respond to them as they are soft to chew and super yummy. By providing a subscription to your pooch, you will ensure that they are treated not just on their birthdays but throughout the year! 

Catherine's Puppies Umbrella

Donating: Finally, while your pup may not understand, you know they would fully support you donating to your favourite dog charity, supporting their friends and possibly prior homes. Some great ways is to get merchandise, which you can use both as a gift and as a way to help your local charity. We love the HKDR Cube Calendars and Catherine’s Puppies Umbrellas! Or of course, you can directly donate to your charity of choice – maybe even where you adopted your best friend from!