Hike Series - Hong Kong Island Hikes

September 17, 2020 | 2-MIN READ

Hike Series - Hong Kong Island Hikes



Whilst it seems Hong Kong is moving away from social distancing restrictions (for the time being), we wanted to have a rundown of our favourites spots to get some exercise with our pups whilst the gym’s were closed. First things first- HK Island:


Bowen Road

Pushing the boat out to call this a hike, but Bowen Road is a fantastic spot to go for a walk/ run with your Buddy in the Heart of this great city. A flat 4km path from Mid-Levels to Happy Valley is just about the best dog watching Hong Kong has to offer. Bowen Road also has a number of great views of the Hong Kong skyline, and is a good spot to take tourists (whenever they are allowed back).



The Morning Trail/ High West/ Pinewood Battery

The easier route up to the peak from Mid-Levels, The Morning Trail has been a hot spot of dog walkers and hikers over the last six months. This is a great little escape within the city centre. Be sure to check out Pinewood battery park half way up. This dog friendly park is a great grass covered spot for your Buddy to let loose and make some friends. If you are looking for a challenge, at the top of the morning trail, head up High West for 400 steps to a panoramic view.




“Park View”     

Whilst this might be a bit of an unknown to some and may not make every list, Park View offers open space for your furry friends to go off the lead, run around and tire themselves out with other Buddies, whilst also offering their human companions a gentle walk to satisfy all parties. Take a taxi up to the car park opposite Violet Hill starting point (or a more challenging walk up from Happy Valley) and then follow the steep hill beyond a traffic barrier and a 10 min stroll will bring you out at an open space with great views out over Hong Kong but more importantly a safe space for your Buddy to blow off some steam. Remember, these are the hikes with them in mind and we’re confident they don’t enjoy The Twins as much as we do!



Dragon’s Back

The HK Classic! More than likely the first hike you take any visitors on and we’d bet the first one you went on when you arrived in HK?? This moderate hike from Tai Tam down to Shek O beach offers ample shaded opportunity for your dogs to run off the lead and explore but also enough of an incline at times to guarantee you feel like you’ve hiked – perfect! We would recommend starting this one nice and early, to avoid the growing hiking crowds and enjoy some time to exercise together. We are hopefully going to see the humidity die down soon enough but, in the meantime, do remember to take lots of water and your Buddy Bites bowl as this hike can take a couple of hours.